Brochures, Logos, Catalogs, Manuals,  and Press Releases: We provide all of the basics needed by most businesses. For samples, see our Gallery page. Contact us for specific examples that may be directly related to your needs. Investment Solicitations: One of our specialties, the preparation of SEC exempt private placement memoranda involves a broad range of technical skills,,,, Contract preparation, business plans, graphics and spreadsheets. These are the documents that allow entrepreneurial fund raising safely and effectively. Our work has raised millions. Pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, any offer to sell securities must either be registered with the (SEC) or meet exemption criteria.  We are skilled in the genre. The typical workflow is that we will sign an NDA, prepare what the client wants ,,,  and submit drafts to the client. their attorney and accountants.  The benefits are that we produce the bulk of the documents inexpensively, producing a highly presentable package, freeing up clients and attorneys to do what they do best.  Technical Writing, Articles, Editing  and Patents: These days, press releases tend to get lost in a sea of data. We have found that one of the most successful forms of publicity is submitting articles to magazines in return for advertising. As economic pressures mount on publishers, there is a great demand for quality content. Articles are an ideal method for reaching targeted audiences. Ask us for examples.   We have done complex and successful  patent work.... starting with just a sketch and a concept.   Other Experience ... Compliance documentation, RFP/RFQ, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy packaging and refinancing, Permitting, Shopping center and retail store design, Robotic software design/build w/ LabVIEW, Marine electrical schematics and much, much more. ASK US ABOUT WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPECIALTY!.    Forensic Investigation, Exhibits & Documentation: Our forensic work generally results in settlements vs. litigation although we have testified in court. We are very successful at analyzing problems, documenting them, and preparing exhibits. Below, we provide examples which bracket what we do. Example 1: Building Construction The Florida headquarters of the Disabled American Veterans, a multi-million dollar facility, was “subsiding”. Walls and paving were cracking, plumbing was failing, and the floors were sinking ,,, The contractor, architect, and consuting civil engineers all seemed at a loss. The insurance carrier could not settle a claim without a definitive cause. We first documented the problem, conducted interviews, took samples with a  diamond core boring bit through the concrete/tile floor, developed a unique diagnosis and presented our results truthfully in narrative and graphic form. We also did on-site remediation work to stop further damage.  Despite  being a multi- million dollar issue ... The results were a DAV-satisfactory settlement. (Details are availible to selected parties on request.) Example 2: Fine Art and Antiquities Fraud:  Mayan Codices We were consulted by a degreed archaeologist with e.g. a cover story in Science Magazine and national television coverage: To wit:  An alleged former CIA operative residing in New York  was in posession of a number of Mayan codices allegedly given to him by the President of Guatemala for services rendered. If genuine, these artifacts would be worth tens of millions of dollars. The expert archaeologist deferred to our authenticity evaluation. We determined that the documents were 20th century. Our solution was that, beside taking photographs, microscopic analysis and consulting with Mayan epigraphers, we knew enough to submit samples to the McCrone Institute in Chicago.  Their credentials include doing non-destructive testing on the Shroud of Turin, for the Vatican which were sufficiently definitive that the Pope allowed physical samples to be cut from the Shroud for destructive carbon dating.... Which confirmed McCrone’s falsifying results. Example 3: Flooding Dispute: A case we couldn’t win  No one ever discloses losses, but in an imperfect system, the deck can be  stacked. Ask about the single time we had a tragic loss in court despite definitive documentation that proved wrongdoing. Clue: Politics were involved.         Corporate Video and Photography: We are proud of our video work and have complete production capabilities ranging from full 1080 HD to video for the web. Downloadable Flash Example: (wait for load)  Trade show video for 5G Marine, LLC. 1080P version available. Our work ranges from extensive use of satellite imagery through digital microscopy. See Gallery. Prototyping: Our experience includes producing high-quality working prototypes with mixed materials. Our work ranges from hollow plastic parts to telemetry, hulls and computing systems for seven meter, fully functional marine robots.  If you have a need for prototyping, please contact us. Caveat: Quality prototyping can get very expensive! Scale Drawings and Schematics: We are not architects or engineers, but have done construction drawings for many millions of dollars’ worth of residential and commercial construction projects, down to small CAD/CAM parts. We are highly cost effective when: A. jurisdictions do not require stamped plans and B. When preparing preliminary plans prior to hiring licensed professionals if required. Charts: We love developing a good chart. Below is an example of a chart we did that is used by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It combines  a variety of factors into a risk probability for Florida’s Lake Okeechobee breaching it’s dike. This flood is virtually certain to happen and cause massive damage from West Palm Beach to Miami. Click the thumbnail image for a large PDF version. (Caveat: The chart was part of a larger, explanatory document. You may not understand it, but the USACE did,)       –– © PO Saunders 2011 For a detailed brochure ... click here.