Creative Services: Text, Graphics, Data, Spreadsheets and HD Video Improve your business and save money simultaneously by outsourcing to professionals. What We Create ...  Brochures, White Papers, Corporate Video, Patent Drawings and Applications,Trade Shows, Investment Packages,  Web SItes, Animated Power Points, Contracts,  Newsletters, Prototypes, Logos, Labels and Packaging ... For a more complete listing with case examples, see our Products page. Fields Successfully Served ... General Business, Manufacturing, Academia,  Insurance, Legal,  High-tech Inventor/Prototypers, Publishing, Agriculture, Medical, Small Startups and Individuals. How we work ... We work primarily on line, by the hour, with minimal travel, meetings or phone charges.  You can watch our desktop remotely and consult live, while we work. Free cost estimates are provided with low base rates against small deposits.  Completely disclosure-oriented, we deliver unlocked files in any format. Importantly, we will show you how to update our work products with free software to avoid recurring charges.    Our work is top commercial quality, very broad ranging, and as passed muster with smart business people, tough attorneys, government organizations and demanding media producers world wide.   © PO Saunders 2011 For a detailed brochure ... click here.